Red Lipstick: Take Two.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Out of all the posts I have ever written on this blog, I find it CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY that this post below is the one that has gotten the most hits ever.

Like blows my Young House Love hits out of the water.  By FAR.
And the funniest part is?
I never even kept my promise to you.
Never posted a pic.
Because I never even bought it.

(I think this is where I am dragged away to blog jail.)

So I fulfill my end of the deal.  Soon.


I've decided I want to welcome red lipstick back into my life again.

For a while, we were on the outs.
I just thought it looked ridiculous and I was into softer, more nude colors.

But I'm bored with nude now.

Similar to the way I am with my hair length, constantly swinging the pendulum between short hair and long, I've decided I want to ditch the softer colors and go for red once in awhile.

But not ridiculous, clown red.

I want Penelope Cruz red.

Now, I do not possess Penelope Cruz beauty, but I do have similar coloring....tan(ish) skin, dark brown eyes, and dark hair.  So I think I might be able to pull this off.  Might.

But as I peruse the plethora of red lipsticks, they all start to look the same and I get all confused and then my attention span gives out.  And I buy a lip gloss instead.

Because anyone who knows me, knows I have a severe addiction to lip gloss.
(Current fav is Smashbox "Pixel")

So this is where you come in:

If you have a red lipstick similar to what Penelope is wearing up there, please share the brand and color name with me!  

And I promise to take a pic to show you all the big red reveal.

Kiss kiss!
(oh I just got red lipstick all over you)


  1. It is probably because people google Penelope Cruz and then they click on that image of her that takes them to your blog (not that you aren't an AMAZING writer talking about a very important topic!) This happened to me one time when I posted about how Garth Brooks' daughter tp'd my house (she did, by the way ... his girls went to school with my kids in Oklahoma). That post got the most hits ever because people would google "Garth Brooks' daughters" and the photo of my house being tp'd would show up.


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