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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello everyone…I felt it necessary after reading my sister's post about our recent encounter with YHL creators John and Sherry that I defend my name (McSister) and my love of wine.
And, well, give MY side of the story.
The truth, if you will.

So I wake up one fine morning (read: hungover) and receive a series of texts from my sister that involved EXCESSIVE CAPITALIZATION and overuse of  exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for those of you who think I’m exaggerating:

 I was all like wh-wh-what? John? Sherry? What the What? Oh shoot…..the BLOGGERS?
Or as my sister likes to refer to then: the "New York Times Best Sellers Authors!!!!!!!”

Let me jump back and give everyone the background story of how I even know the names John and Sherry and Young House Love. My darling sister sends me a text around, oh, lets say 4PM on a Tuesday to join her at a blogger book signing.

Yea, that would pretty much be the equivalent of asking me to join her at a sand castle building contest on the Jersey Shore during Hurricane Sandy. Not so fun.
Nothing against John and Sherry or Young House of Pain…er, Love…but I had NO idea who these people were.
But as a good sister I obliged (plus my Husband assured me there would be wine provided).
Two points for Team McSister!!

 Fast forward to the book signing event….

As I approached I saw a beautiful event outdoors with everyone laughing and drinking wine.
I was pleasantly surprised and instantly happy I agreed to such a fabulous event.

Unfortunately, that was NOT our event.

Nope, ours was the one inside. The one with NO wine.
I had a fleeting thought to ditch our event and start mingling with the wine lovers but my sister had spotted me and was frantically waving me over. So I followed another young couple headed in that direction and breezed in through the glass doors towards the book signing event.
And my sister GASPED.

Apparently, I had walked in with John and Sherry.

McMommy: “No you DID NOT just walk in with John and Sherry!!! Squeeeeeee!!!”
McSister: “What? I walked in with who? Them?” (pointing to a very normal couple standing behind us) McMommy: YES!! THAT’S THEM!!! (proceeds to take a million iphone photos of the innocent couple standing to our right)

 I already felt uncomfortable and started thinking…. if only we were AT THE OTHER PARTY….yeah the one outside with all the wine that looked like this….

After a long and interesting Q&A session about John/Sherry/Sherry’s bangs/DIY projects that I would never do or even contemplate doing – it was onto the next portion of this evening: the book signing.

I don’t really know how to explain how my sister was acting but I can only compare her excitement level to something like this:

We were at a Code Red Level of CrazY.

I ,unfortunately, was cast as “photographer” in this scenario and had strict instructions from Ralphie to:

“Get LOTS of photos”
“Keep clicking away, take as many as you can get”
“DON’T be embarrassed if I start talking blogger talk with them – they ARE my friends"

I went from feeling mildly uncomfortable to completely and utterly uncomfortable and I truly felt bad for “our friends” John and Sherry.

I could see through their New York Times Bestseller!! selves and recognize two normal people who probably just wanted a glass of wine on a Tuesday night. But just as I started to relate to them…BAM we were up…and McMommy was on!

Everything happened in a flash, small talk with YHL, sign the book, take the picture, look at the baby look at the baby….okay and we’re done. McMommy was SO excited I got the photo and she had the signed book and I felt all good about myself for being such a dedicated sister and thought FINALLY we can put this behind us and go relax with a glass of wine…..until……

Well, you've read her post about what happens next, haven't you?

Let me just say this:

Yes, my sister audibly SHRIEKED.
Yes, my sister was completely embarrassing.
Yes, Sherry was right--my husband looks like McDreamy.

And let's just all agree.....that last fact right there?
Means one thing......

TEAM McSISTER WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(now please, McMommy, PLEASE  move on from this story. There is life after John & Sherry. In fact, it's called happy hour and I'm going to find it right now. I'll save you a seat.)


  1. I think we're gonna need proof of that last fact with a picture. Anyone want you back me up on that one? ;)

    1. Ooohhhh!!!! Rebekah telling McSister to BRING IT????!!!! I loooooooove it!!!!!!!
      (and how's THAT for excessive capitalization and overuse of exclamation points?!!)

    2. Yes! We need a picture.

  2. I think we're gonna need proof of that last fact with a picture. Anyone want you back me up on that one? ;)

  3. I agree that we need a picture.

    Also agree that McSister is hilarious and we should hang out. With wine.


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