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Friday, February 1, 2013

1.  Do you love how I go from blogging one day?

To not blogging? For days on end?

How I'm all:  Here's a post! Two days in a row!

Then I'm all:  Oh wait....nevermind, the streak is over. Gee, that was quick.

Yeah, I KNOW.  
It annoys the crap out of me too. 

So I'm sorry for my inconsistent self lately.   
I'll be better tomorrow.  I swear.  
Kind of.
p.s. probably not

2.  I have the 6-week cough.  You know this cough.  The one that lingers for like 2 months even though you feel 100% perfectly healthy and have left the original cold waaaaaaay behind???   It drives me crazy.  
But not as much as all the people who try to tell me it is "allergies".   
And then proceed to go down the laundry list of allergy medicines I should take.  

3. My friend and I went to lunch today.  AT DENNY'S.  I know, don't even ask. 
How we ended up there, I have no idea.  But?  Sitting in a booth not less than 2 feet away from us was Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco.  My friend was all excited because she is a huge fan of guys that get arrested for domestic violence.  
Or maybe she loves football, I'm not sure.  
As for me, I couldn't remember how I knew his name......and then I remembered!  
He bought his Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl Burke a $10,000 ring!!!!!    
My brain, I tell you, is chock full of extremely important information like this.

4. The weather here has been insanely hot this winter.  So much so that we've been hanging out by the pool, making fish tacos, and washing it all down with a cold glass of white wine.  I'm so seasonally confused.  Do I break out my summer purses to go along with the sundresses I've been wearing throughout the month of January?  By the way and perhaps more importantly, do we still even call them "purses" anymore?  
Or are we calling them "handbags"?  
Is calling it a "purse" like calling a flight attendant a "stewardess"? 
This is too much thinking for me. Someone help. 
And bring a cold glass of white wine while you are at it.  It's blazing hot here. 

5. I'm planning a small birthday party for my son's upcoming 6th birthday.  Lo and behold, the "theme" he wants is actually something that can be bought at a Party City or similar type store.  Not like the "garbage truck party" or "airplane party" themes I've had my children request in the past.  So I thought I would go SKIPPING down the aisle as I loaded up my basket with the easy and oh-so-convenient pre-packaged theme decor.  But instead???   I'm all "That's so tacky. Hmmm.  Forget this store. I'm going to do this birthday party MYSELF.  I'm going to make this theme REALLY NICE. Much more modern. More original.  More....chic.   But um, in a totally boy way."  

My ideas are tremendous.  Overflowing.  Full of possibility.  And wonder. 
And most likely never going to actually happen.
Because let's be honest:  you already know I am going to be running down the aisle at Party City the day before the party, throwing pre-packaged theme plates and decor into my basket while simultaneously throwing chicness out the window. 

And you all are going to be shaking your heads, saying things like "THAT IS SO TYPICAL OF HER.  So much for her new year's resolution of being a planner-in-advancer.  

And why is she carrying a summer purse?!  It's FEBRUARY!"


  1. So Ochocinco in a Denny's. That's random. However, maybe he just knows that they have the BEST.CLUB.SANDWICHES.EVER. Thanks. Now I'm craving a club sandwich...and we're calling them "bags". ;)

  2. Do you know I have never eaten at a Denny's? Random, I know. I kind of feel deprived now.

    Our NC weather has been weird this winter too. Over 70 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs have been in the 50s yesterday and today. SO strange. Just use your summer "bag". I think they are called "bags" now. That is what I say anyway.

    I am sure the birthday party will turn out fabulous! Just do a mixture of cool ideas and prepackaged party decor. It is a win-win.

    Enjoy your warm weather... and your wine!

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