The After Party.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So picture this, if you will.

You post about meeting John & Sherry of YHL.
And then walk away from your laptop and do not even pick it up again until Saturday morning because your week was so crazy busy.

You leisurely log-in to your blog, ho-hum.

And suddenly there are ALARMS going off.

All pointing to your blog stats:

Yes, you bet your young house love I SHRIEKED.

Because if my blog hits were going crazy off the charts, this could only mean one thing:

John and Sherry had linked to my blog.   

I jumped over to read their Jan 17th blog and will now give you a instant replay of what occurred:


But first I jumped back over to my blog, to re-read what I had written, of course.
Saw that John had commented.

This is getting out of control.  How much more can my little heart take?!

I called my sister.  Who immediately wanted me to let everyone know that:
a. She says hiiiiii.
b. She is super sweet and nice.  And not at all like my post made her out to be.
c. She will be writing a counter-post to my post.
d. Most likely after a glass of wine.

Ok, fine.  So I added in "D".  But it's probably true.

Needless to say, there has been a ton of blog traffic in McMommyworld. And the timing....oh the timing.
Because I am in the middle of a blog makeover behind the scenes and things are so messy around here! 
I was going to surprise you all with the makeover reveal but now the joke's on me because SURPRISE!!!  
All the guests showed up early to the party and I'm still in my robe, with the towel on my head, brushing my teeth.

So everyone just come in, make yourself a drink, and relax.  
I'm going to put my makeup on so I don't look like this.  
Then? We will REALLY get this party started.

(aka new blog look coming soon....)


  1. Yay!!! Looking forward to what you have coming up.

  2. I'm new here from yhl too and love it so far. I like your blog voice =)

    off to read through the archives

  3. Woo hoo! McMommy is BACK!

  4. I think McSister and I could be great friends. Love your blog!

  5. And just like that, McMommy is totally back on the radar (weren't you just saying something about being out of the loop). Super awesome!

  6. Amazing! So excited and can't wait to see what you have in store!


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