Rear view mirror.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

When did we get here, boys?

The car rides without sippy cups of chocolate milk sloshing around the backseat? 
No cheerios and goldfish smashed into the floor mats.
No constant loop of Disney movies playing in an overhead dvd player.

Everyone can buckle themselves into their own seat. 
We actually take car rides to get somewhere.....
Not to try and put a fussy baby to sleep.

My trunk has tons of empty space.
Save for a soccer ball and a football, because you never know when a spontaneous game might pop up.

Don't get me wrong....there are still backseat scuffles.
I have found the stray french fry rolling around the floor.
And there are plenty of times I have secretly wished to have the dvd player back to buy me 10 minutes of a quiet car ride.

But most days? 

I look in my rear view mirror and try to savor the moment. 
Because somewhere along the way I blinked.
And you went from know all the words of Finding Nemo to knowing all the lyrics of Suit & Tie. keep singing along to JT and Jay-Z.   

And I will think about how lucky I am.  

And how far we've come, my boys.


  1. Weeping! I feel the same way. Except my car is far messier than yours, but that's because Canadian winters ARE messy.
    Beautifully written. And so very true. From infant carriers to big boys in back seats, it's... bittersweet!

  2. I thought the same thing this morning when I dropped my oldest off at school. She unhooked her carseat (she's still too small for a booster despite being almost 6yo), grabbed her stuff, opened the van door, jumped it, closed it & ran inside. Makes me so incredibly proud/happy, but slightly teary eyed. Where did my bitty baby go?

  3. so true. Sad, but true.

    Can I say, your younger son (I can never remember which one is M and which one is C) looks like Frankie Muniz in his younger days. I was watching "My Dog Skip" tonight and he's a dead ringer! LOL

  4. Oh goodness! You all are adorable! I am looking forward to those days, but I know I will miss my babies being babies too.

  5. Sweet, sweet post!

    And that lipstick?! Have you mentioned it on the blog before? What a great shade! Deets, please!

  6. Awesome picture McMommy! It is amazing how fast they grow up!!!


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