The $1000 costume.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TRICK OR TREAT!  Sorry I ate all the Reese's Peanut Butter cups but here's an old McMommy post for you instead. WHAT? At least I didn't give you pennies or shut off my porch light.....

Super Mario.

It is the simplest costume in the world, right?

Overalls. Red shirt. Red cap. Mustache. 

So naturally, I was all "Ha! I can put that together. I'm not paying $50 for that halloween superstore version! I can make that costume EASY!"

Which was obviously the dumbest thing I've ever said.
Because it took blood, sweat, tears and over 2 months for me to put that costume together.

To be fair, the red cap, gloves, mustache and red shirt were all relatively easy to get.

But do you realize how difficult it is to find overalls here in Florida? 
I've never seen anyone over the age of 6 months wearing them.

And apparently, everyone in the whole wide WORLD suddenly had a deep desire to purchase size 6 jean overalls on Ebay.

I was outbid on like 100 different auctions.

I was even outbid on auctions where I didn't even LIKE the overalls...I just wanted to WIN ONE PLEASEFORTHELOVEOFSUPERMARIOBROTHERS!!!

I may have twittered something to effect of "I hate all of you bidding on size 6 denim overalls."

Which Coco may have read.

Because like a fairy godmother, I get an email from Coco with a picture of size 6 denim overalls. She stopped in a consignment shop and found them.  


I frantically called the store, paid for them, and then paid an amount-I-will-not-write-here-because-I'm-still-recovering-from-the-shock to have them shipped to me.

The costume was complete. Angels could be heard rejoicing.

Matthew tried it on and loved it. He wore it all around the house. I even drew a little moustache on with my eyeliner because he didn't want to mess up the fake moustache he would wear on Halloween.
If there was a picture that illustrated how I was feeling at that moment, it would look like this:


So Halloween arrives....and it's time to put on the costume.....and...

Do you know what my son says to me?

"I don't feel like wearing that."

Oh ha ha! Oh, you're funny, Honeysweetiepreciouspumpkinbear! Ok, put on your costume now.

"No, I don't like it anymore."

I'm sorry, what? It sounded like you said you don't like it, but I must be delirious from all this halloween excitement because THIS IS YOUR COSTUME. YOU WILL WEAR IT. YOU WILL LIKE IT. MOMMY SCOURED THE ENTIRE EARTH FOR OVERALLS. MOMMY PAID RIDICULOUS POSTAGE TO HAVE OVERALLS SHIPPED TO US IN TIME FOR TONIGHT. YOU WILL WEAR THEM.


And do you know what he picked out to wear?

A Halloween shirt that has been sitting in his closet for the past 2 years THAT DOESN'T EVEN FIT HIM ANYMORE.

FINE. Wear whatever you want.

But I'll tell you one thing: DO NOT expect me to share my thousands of dollars with you that I'm going to make when I put your overalls on Ebay tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like somone I know who spent $20 on a mask - JUST A MASK -that a certain someone's 7 year old son just HAD to have, only to declare "I can't see out of it, it's made for a 14 year old!" Huh?? It seem to fit fine at the store dear child of mine.

    But I love him more than words can say so it's all good.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. OMG, he's too cute.

    If I had refused to wear them, my parents would have left me home while everyone else trick-or-treated. Not even kidding.

  3. I think the secret is to not even let your kid see their costume before the day of Halloween. It seems like once they put it on they are bored with it regardless of how much work their loving mother put into getting it together.

  4. Oh McMommy. If only I had known. Nathaniel has a pair of overalls that would have fit Matthew. I would have mailed them to you...poor McMommy.

  5. oh mcmommy. oh my oh my oh my. you deserve a glass (or two...or three) of wine.

  6. Kids can be such a pain.

    And that costume totally rocked.

  7. Oh my.... to cute, too funny.. The things we do for our loved ones.... It's all in a days work for a McMommy!!!

  8. Oh god I would have been fuming! Poor McMommy - I sure hope there was some wine after all that!


    I DIED laughing! Those little nuggets sure know how to push our buttons :) Hope the rest of your halloween went great!

    P.s. if my son was size 6 I'd have bought them! I love overalls on little boys, even if we do live in FL as well! There is NO place to wear them! Good thing were moving back to the midwest where his country butt can wear them every day If he decides!

    :) Happy sunday

  10. And yet another example of how kids just don't appreciate us enough!! And also how far we'll go for our kids. :) Better luck next year!

  11. haha, you sound like me Friday before my work's Halloween party for our customers. I went to 5 different thrift stores and 2 regular stores to find a pair of ugly maternity overalls.

  12. oh my gosh, I KNOW.
    I spent an entire school day scouring thrift stores that are as much as 45 mins away, trying to find ONE STUPID PAIR OF OVERALLS!!!!!!!! Even girl racks!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING in his size anywhere. (I wanted a size 7)
    Finally I decided to look at walmart for some kind of cheap blue fabric and a jumpsuit kind of pattern...maybe I can learn to sew? Nope, walmart had it for $20. Grabbed it and told him its the last costume I'm spending money on for at least three years, LOL!!!!

    And then he almost cried that I wouldn't let him go to recess in it. My son brings home a new hole in the denim knee every week...a $10 uber-flimsy costume wuoldn't hold up to anything! :)

  13. my mom would probably say "oh, this is only the beginning. get used to it! and just wait til he doesn't want you to call him at college..."

    but i feel your pain. everytime i get attached to something she should do/wear, she totally marches away from it and she doesn't fall for "talking clothes" ("pick me! pick me!") like she did when she was 3!

    sell away!!

  14. I have been there before I cringe when I think of the money spent on friggin Princess outfits! And only having one child that is bigger than other meant passing down impossible and I don't know if ebay existed.

  15. McMommy. When my son wanted to be Mario I got some blue cloth and cut out overalls. Daddy got the same costume. One year son was Mario, next year Luigi, next Waluigi. Whew!
    Really super easy, I just laid a pair of pants onto the fabric, drew an outline and drew a bib. Cut it out, sewed it up. Done! I will try to send you a picture of them.

  16. Not to totally upset you, but they actually were selling Mario and Luigi costumes for 20 bucks at walmart. :)

  17. AHAHAHAHAHHAH Nice. I would've been like yeah too bad you're wearing it.

  18. I just have to say: THANK GOD this sort of stuff doesn't only happen to ME! Sorry... but... I'm kind of happy to hear this! Oh, am I ever terrible for saying that out loud, huh? Okay... now... I am sorry. You went through so much for that perfect costume! And he looks so cute in it!

  19. Great costume! Too bad he didn't want to wear it.

  20. My boy did that last year. For months before Halloween, all he did was talk about being a pirate. Then it was decided we'd be a family of pirates. And we all had our pirate costumes, which I even SEWED pieces for (and I don't sew). And then, 5 minutes before we headed out to the party and trick or treating - he decided to be spiderman. For the love of Pete.

  21. That is HILARIOUS!!! and sounds like something I would do for my little monster, who would definitely decide last minute that he'd rather wear something else.. Lol. The things we go through for our little boys...

  22. My son Max wanted to be Max from Where the Wild Things Are this year. No such thing as a store bought and waaaay expensive on ebay. I made one for him. Three hours shoping at four stores and 5 hours sewing later, he deemed it too hot to wear to the halloween dance and then left the hood off during trick or treating. I say this is the last time I do this but we all know I would be lying!

  23. LOL!!! Oh the THINGS we do for our kiddos!!!, what were YOU for Halloween?!?!? - you were going to tell us,right? Or Am I just losing my mind...that usually happens a lot!

  24. My parents would have left me at home and let my brother and sister Trick or Treat...... and then they wouldn't have shared their candy with me and I would have been all, "Where are the damn overalls? I'll put them on!" at 10 at night thinking someone would still be up to give me candy..... yep, the good old days!!!

  25. omg, i can't believe he wouldn't wear them LOL!! What a little fart, hahaha! That is SO something my son would do!! I wouldn't even let them try them on but for 5sec the day they arrived in the mail b/c I just knew if they wore them any longer before the actual day I would've had a situation verrrry similar to yours LOL!
    But hey! At least you got that one photo of him! He looks adorable!!
    Was Carter still Luigi??
    I can't wait to see more posts about your Halloween! I posted a few pics of my boys as Mario & Luigi on my blog:)

  26. Oh if only WE could change our minds like that. GAH!

    He does look crazy adorable though..

  27. about 7 years ago, we were playing CLUE with our son. I mentioned that when I was a kid we had CLUE MASTER DETECTIVE.

    He said he wanted it.

    Ebay and 70 bucks later. he got it for Christmas.

    It was cool until one night he had a sleep over and the thing was destroyed with the rest of his room.

    All he has in his room is a pillow and sheet now.

  28. This is too funny! A typical kid changing his mind at the last second. You are such a good mom for letting him wear whatever. I would have totally made Will wear it.

    I hope you make some money off of those overalls!!!

  29. Any Tractor pulls or barn dances coming to your area soon?

  30. I had to laugh at this blog entry, not because of your efforts, but because I cannot tell you how many times I spent hours making costumes for my children when they were young, only to have that night arrive and find out they had changed their minds. Argh!

  31. Ah, I couldn't find stinkin' overalls anywhere either and ended up buying $20 Mario and Luigi costumes from Walmart. And my sons refused to wear the mustaches anyway.


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