Now hiring: Pin-ssistant.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest always makes me want an assistant.  

Because let's be realistic....I'm not getting this stuff done alone.     

First of all?   BAM.

Reindeer water bottles and popcorn bags...would be cute for the Holiday party at school
Reindeer waters and popcorn bags for the holiday party at school.  Look at how my assistant and I even found the mini clothespin clips for the popcorn bags.  I can't even stand how crafty we are.


Instructions:  Organized!!!
Of course my assistant would actually know where all my boys' Lego instruction books are.  That was in her job description. 

My assistant followed through on my idea for the backyard. 
upstairs adult, downstairs kids
Now we must plan the BBQ.  
And by we I mean her.   

Please make sure i have all the ingredients I need so I can make the kids breakfast kabobs in the morning.
French toast kabobs.

Fifth--Do not forget to book the vacation....some place warm please.  
Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

And when we return from vacation?  I give her all the junk I hauled back and she makes it all pretty and memorable for me.  In a jar. 
vacation in a jar

You know, it's hard work being a boss with staff. I mean, I have to spend all this time on Pinterest all the time...finding more stuff for her to do. But I do it because I care.  Like a boss.

And if she ever gets married, I would never let her take this pic.  

Or maybe I would.  
I'd be all "That's fun!  Do it!"  

And then pin the pic to my KLASSY board.


  1. What a great post!!
    I find that I could (do) spend the weekend on pinterest. If I accomplished 1/100th of the ideas I pull I would be very successful.
    Thanks for the laugh!


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