Fall me....maybe.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's fall but I haven't embraced it like I normally do.

I've concluded it is due to a few factors:

1. I ate my all-time favorite muffin.....the Dunkin Pumpkin muffin accompanied by a warm coffee.
It was 89 degrees out.
So that muffin tasted.....ew.
And the coffee....ugh,I'm sweating just thinking about it.

2. I am wearing a bright red nail polish and have yet to switch over to the dark side.  
Essie's Wicked and Smokin Hot are about to put my picture on a milk carton.   

3.  These boots are still not my mine:

The Frye Paige Tall Riding boot in Cognac. My skinny jeans are begging me for them. 
Every time I see these boots, I look exactly like this:  

Only they are BETTER than a Red Ryder BB gun because I won't shoot my eye out.

And I know what you all are thinking.  Do people really wear boots in Florida???

Look, there is going to be at least one...maybe even TWO days between now and March 1st where it will be a chilly 71 degrees.  

And you better believe I would wear the heck out of those boots during those two days while downing a pumpkin muffin and cuddling up to a piping hot cup of coffee while my freshly manicured Soulmate nails glisten in the light of the autumnal sun.

Or I will be sweating my brains out while cursing the fact that I spilled the stupid coffee down my {still amazing} boots and the damn manicure only lasted two days before the first chip.

Of course though, it would probably be the first scenario. 


  1. Those pumpkin muffins are like candy corn crack...addicting.

    And I would totally rock those boots, in 71 degrees!

  2. Buying those same Frye boots are on my bucket list of things to do before I turn 40 next year. Perhaps when you get your boots you can take a roadtrip up to Ohio for a visit and we can drink coffee while enjoying a Dunkin Pumpkin muffin in our gorgeous boots.



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