Sunday, October 7, 2012

I read you some old retired posts from my blog tonight for the first time ever. 

The three of us laughed til we cried. 

Carter had tears streaming down his cheeks and was doing that laugh where no sound comes out.
And Matty, you and I took one look at Carter and just LOST IT. 
Then we all had tears streaming down our cheeks. 
Someone may have even peed their pants from laughing so hard. 

You both begged me for "just one more story, Mommy." 
And I swallowed back the real tears because I never thought you would love these stories that much. 

I always thought you would be embarrassed. Roll your eyes at me. 
Be so annoyed that your mom told the world about the diaper incident. 
The throw-up story.
Her favorite "lip gloss".

And let's be honest.....you probably will be so annoyed one day.

But last night?

You loved it. 

And you fell asleep next to me, with the promise that I would write another one that you could read in the morning.
I was never so happy. 

How lucky I am to be the author of your stories.  


  1. I was just thinking of you the other day (weird probably). Come back and write more stories!

  2. Big fat like. So glad you reconsidered. ;)

  3. So glad they love their stories!!!

  4. I'm so glad you're back. Will you be linking to any of those old posts again?

    Whenever I had a bad day, I would come over and read your "Must reads" and then I would laugh and get over whatever was bugging me...if only for a little while.

  5. This made me teary-eyed. How could they not love your stories? They are funny and they are the main stars of it. It also shows what a great sense of humor they have plus a good self image. Well done, McMommy!

  6. I am soooooo glad you are back. I have missed reading your stories! The blog world hasn't been the same without you. :)

  7. Does this mean you are back? :-)

  8. had to take a second look to see if it was you-- life throws us all curveballs and can't wait to read about yours!!

  9. Can I reread them too? Please? So glad to have you back, MCMommy :)

  10. Made my day to see this!!! Please come back :) we miss u!

  11. So glad to think you might be coming back to the blogosphere.

  12. Whenever I see Shakira on the voice, i think of that post of Matty's love for that weird shewolf video of hers...am I making that up? And now everytime Charlotte goes near a door frame, I am sure she is going to close it in there, we will end up in the emergency room, and I will go "I hope there is an atm here and that my shoes are as cute as last time I had to do this....and they won't be"


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