Bahamian Ketchup

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's catch up time. Bahamian style!

1. What kind of girl re-starts her blog only to slack off like a week later?!   

Look, I have a VERY GOOD explanation for all of it.

I'm a slacker. 

This is evidence by the fact that sometimes I do very slacker-esq things.  Such as?  

When I get home from a trip to...say the Bahamas...., I let the suitcase sit there for a little bit or a week to "acclimate" and become adjusted to its surroundings again.  It has nothing to do with being lazy and everything to do with scientific theories and facts I make up. Ahem.
Then?  A few days later...I open it.   
Then I might even get all crazy and dump the clothes out on floor...although let's be realistic here....not to actually do laundry but in an attempt to find that shirt I thought I packed.   

Then I realize, wait! Maybe I never packed it!  Maybe it's still hanging on the back of that chair where I left it.
Oh, look, it is!   
Score one for Team Hanger-less.
For the next few days, I put a lot of effort into ignoring the big mess on the floor.    
But a slacker can only put in that kind of effort for so long, you know?
So then I throw all the clothes back in and zip it up in what I refer to as an "acclimation process re-start".

I love a re-start.  For dryer when I don't feel like folding the clothes.  

No, I am not noticing a theme here at all.   Moving on......

2.   Will you all indulge me for one minute while I get all stupid and gushy on you?   
Cause he WON, you guys!  

My boy won 3rd place in the Youth division for the Bottom Fishing Tournament there!!!  
And?  No rods were allowed....just hand-lining.  Kid was a MACHINE.  So proud of him!  

Of course, my sister and I did lots of coaching.....from a sitting down ew! is that a fish scale in my wine glass-position.

3. Carter stepped on something in the ocean while we were there. Messed up his foot something fierce.   Suddenly in my head?  We were going to rock this tourney Bela Karolyi/Kerri Strug style.

4.   Only he kept screaming PUT ME DOWN.  And wanted to gut fish instead.

5. And know what's awesome?  Feeding your kids the fish they were gutting earlier for dinner.

 Look at how EXCITED they were about it!!!!

It's all fun and games until you have to eat Nemo for dinner.


  1. Hilarious!! I just did the unpacking/readjustment thing...The suitcase is still on the floor, though the clothes are out of it now. It's still not Completely unpacked, but I've only been home since Oct 2nd...

    Great to have you back!! Stay safe with this lovely weather, though we might be crazy & venture up to your town tomorrow!

  2. Glad to have you back! slacking can be hard work!

  3. <3 <3 <3

    OMG your kids got so grown up in such a short time!!!

  4. Hawaii trip 10/1-10/8 suitcase is still 1/3 full and at the foot of the bed!


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