So THIS is what happened.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So I popped over to my parents' house to say hello one evening after work and find everyone like this:

And when they see me walk in, everyone screams:


To my surprise, it wasn't because they wanted to take in and admire the awesome-ness of what was my outfit that day.

Although they should have.

Because hello beautiful turquoise scarf???!!! 

No, it was because one of the diamonds in my sister's wedding band went flying after she caught her ring on the edge of the outdoor table.

Being the kind of person I am, I immediately sprung into action.
And began shouting encouraging and helpful advice like:  "OMG!!!!  IT COULD BE ANYWHERE!!!!  You will NEVER find it!!"

When suddenly I stepped forward and heard a crunch.


Good news?
I did not crunch my sister's diamond.

Better news?
My sister found her diamond.

Astonishing news?
She found it in the mulch.

Next to a bead of Miracle-Gro fertilizer.

Can we all pause and reflect on this insanity for a moment?????

It was literally like watching the expression "Like finding a needle in a haystack" come to life right before your eyes.

I immediately swooped in, wrapped the ring and the loose diamond in my turquoise scarf, and carried it like a sick bird to the nearest emergency room.

Or poured myself a glass of wine.

I can't remember exactly.  It was definitely one or the other though.


  1. Wow!! How lucky!! I hope everyone has recovered and the wine is all gone!

  2. Ahhh no way!! This is one of my greatest fears! Every time I smack my ring on the counter or whatever I think OMG THIS IS IT and then everything is fine. I'm not so sure my diamond is big enough to be found...esp among mulch! That's so crazy awesome!

  3. I lost my ring the other day - had taken it off to put lotion on and then couldn't find it where I "thought" I had left it - I was in tears and panicking after about 3.2 seconds. But luckily my Hubby found it and all was right with the world. Although, now I wish I'd had a turquoise scarf to help soothe my frazzled nerves. :)

  4. Oh my! So glad she found it! My mother's solitare popped off her ring and she was just sick about it! A few months later she was packing for a trip and found it in the bottom of her makeup travel bag?!!! So crazy...


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