Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I held up my end of the deal.  I love it when I actually follow through!

Ok, here goes....

My best friend and I took our first vacation together IN YEARS....and we went over to a tiny island in the Bahamas where my sister lives.  It was the island's annual James Bond Casino Royale party so hey why not???

The flight over was one of the best ever. I brought the sombrero as a prop for the harlem shake video we planned to film later on in the trip.  However, everyone and their mother ended up wearing that sombrero. Because seriously...how much fun is a gigantic sombrero???

And how much fun is it to dance on the runway with the hotel manager while wearing a gigantic sombrero?  Just ask that guy above.

And in case you were ever wondering if pigs swim?
There you go.
Little big island piggies will swim right up to your boat to look for your food scraps.
I didn't feed any pigs though.  No way.
Swine flu = no bueno.  (that was sombrero font)

Bond girls....your mission, should you choose to accept it, is a white dress, some major attitude, and some major bling.
Mission accomplished.....with a special shout out to E! Live From the Red Carpet SEQUIN SHOES!
I've never known what it feels like to be a celeb until that evening.
The yacht club was totally decked out in sheer curtains, vintage Bond posters, overflowing champagne, and blackjack and roulette tables as far as the eye could see.
Then, at 9pm, they had us...the Bond girls....arrive.  We walked through the front door and all immediately struck a pose with our guns.
And the crowd went wild.
Everywhere we walked that evening, someone asked if they could take their picture with us.
There was even a step-and-repeat on the red carpet and you KNOW I rocked some Melissa Gorga poses. For funsies. (thank you baby jesus, kiss my own hand, and look up at the sky)

A checkerboard painted on a picnic table with beer caps for checkers? Check.
Dogs swimming with sharks?  Check.
People swimming with sharks and liquid courage?  Check.
Sombrero?  You know it.

AND FINALLY...........

Bestie and I are sitting at the bar one evening and she looks at me and informs me that Don Johnson is sitting across from us.  I didn't believe her, because the man sitting across from us looked like this:


However, it was confirmed true by many many sources.

I tried so hard to take an inconspicuous pic for you all but failed miserably.  However, as he walked back to board his boat, I was able to grab this shot:

I like to picture him saying "TUBBS, THE DRUGS ARE THAT WAY!" when I look at that pic.


  1. So much to love about this post!
    But gosh I love the Don Johnson caption! LOL!

  2. Don Johnson! LOL! He's still cute, though.

  3. SO fun, you girls look fabulous! DJ looks a little weathered.

  4. I cannot get over the swimming piiiiggggggssss!! And that dog is just all "whatevs" about them! HA!! Too much fun.


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