Friday Nonsense.

Friday, March 8, 2013

1. I hope someone around here has been going around checking all the elevators because of what a ghost town this blog has been!!  Good news?  I'm here.  Bad news?  It's Friday.  Which probably means you are going to lose me again for days on end as I slack off into the weekend.

2. What do we think about Jessica Simpson accidentally revealing she is having a baby boy?
And supposedly she is naming him "Ace".
Her's daughter's name is Maxwell.
Ace and Max.

Reminds me of only one thing:

3. Is it just me or does this seem a little advanced for kindergarten?

4.  I'm so disappointed in the Today Show lately.
Watching Savannah is like watching vanilla ice cream.
Matt Lauer is almost never on anymore, even though I heard he signed some huge contract for like $25 gazillion dollars a year to stay on.
Al Roker is Al Roker.
Natalie Morales even makes me yawn now.  
The whole vibe there is completely messed up.  And feels forced.
And I just think I fell asleep from boring myself talking about their boring-ness.

5. So this is happening on Pinterest:

Onions stored in pantyhose will last as long as 8 months.
27 ways to make your groceries last as long as possible.

You're welcome, people of the world who need to store onions for 8 months.

6. Somewhere right now, a kindergartner just read this post and cursed me for dumbing him down.


  1. My first grader had to identify states of matter. As in, is this a liquid, solid or a gas? Of course, the brilliant person who wrote his quiz over this asked them what state of matter a car was. Of course he would put gas...whatever happened to good old simple math and making a magnet out of a paper clip?

  2. That is KINDERGARTEN work? Um... that's some fine writing skills! Wow!

    Love your random posts. :)

  3. Abolish? In Kindergarten? I know adults that don't know what that word means.


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