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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's always so hard to write the first post after a vacation.

Because it always starts off with me writing like this:


And then I try to reign it in.

So I sit here.....

......just staring at a blank screen.......

......staring, staring, staring..........

........trying to think of a normal way to write about my vacation.

Then I get all distracted.
By my intellectual reading. Ahem.  
(OMG how adorable is that Harper with her brown tights and Mary Janes?  Also...Victoria's clutch.  Die.  I looooove a clutch.)

Ok, ok.  So trying to re-focus.....how about I just share some pics and we call it a day?

I'll have a post up later with all the pics.  No distractions until that post is up, I SWEAR (ish).


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