The other firsts.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

There are certain moments that I clearly remember being so excited for as a parent.
And I'm talking about aside from the typical moments you are supposed to be excited....the first smile, first giggle, first steps, etc.

I remember I couldn't WAIT until my kids could color.  So weird, I know.  But still....for whatever reason, I was excited about that.  Do you even know how many coloring books I bought once they understood the concept?  
And the crayons, seriously the CRAYONS I BOUGHT. 
8 packs, 16 packs, 48 pack with the sharpener, Disney character shaped ones, the triangular shaped ones, washable ones, glitter ones.....
Crayola, you're welcome.

I couldn't wait until they could sit up on their own so they could sit in the grocery cart by themselves.  Ok, this was more of a selfish reason.  I hated bringing that big bulky car seat carrier into the store and trying to squish all my groceries around it.  The baby almost always ended up holding the bread on his lap.

The day each of my kids could buckle themselves into their own carseat???  
Pretty sure no matter where you were in this country, you heard me screaming shouts of joy.

Recently, I crossed another one off my list: My kids watched Home Alone.  
I mean....really watched it.  I've tried to show it to them in years past but they were just too young to really "get" it and enjoy it.  
But this year?  Totally got it.  It was the BEST.

They crawled in in my bed, all fresh out of the shower and in their jammies, we popped popcorn and snuggled in.  And the way they LAUGHED....swear I will never forget that sound.

Well, we are off to spend an island christmas with my family.  You can follow our little adventure on my Facebook page. If I remember to post there, of course. And I just got with the times and created a McMommy instagram account (@mcmommyblog) so you can follow me there as well.  I can hardly wait to show you pictures of my nails...because the beauty is in the details.  

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyonnnnnnnnne!!!


  1. We watched Home Alone with Mimi this year and she definitely loved it. Have a great christmas!
    -Lindsey (the artist formerly known as Kate Gosselin)


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