December 1st.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

So I woke up thinking about holiday cards this morning.

And how basically I do not have one thing done for my holiday to-do list.  

No tree up yet.  No Elfie yet.  No holiday cards yet. No great idea for my holiday cards that came to me in the shower (where as you know all my good ideas come to me).  No fantastic picture of the boys.  No more wine.

Wait, that last one is for my grocery list.  

So anyway, you all are going to need bring me some holiday cheer and get me in the spirit! 

Therefore, I'm firing back up the McHoliday Spectacular blog.  I want to see your holiday cards.  


This year I also want pics of your Christmas trees.  Your home decorated for the holiday.  Fun holiday drinks.  Elfie antics.  Yellow snow.  WHATEVER.  

Let's do this.  I'm counting on you.

Email me some holiday cheer at and you just may see it on the McHoliday Spectacular site..........


  1. I always loved your Elfie antics! Can't wait to see what he is up to.

  2. Just finding you again...welcome back you have been missed! Happy December!


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