You and I.

Monday, November 12, 2012

You love anything lemon.  ME TOO.  People are lucky we don't squeeze lemon on our cereal.

You hate to lose at anything.  ME TOO.  Did Grandma tell you yet about the time I chewed up the CandyLand purple Sugar Plum card that sent me all the way back to beginning?  Stupid Sugar Plum. Pretty sure you won't be telling someone to go back to the beginning when you are all torn up in a million pieces.  

You always look for a shortcut to accomplish things.  ME TOO.  The triple-washed-bagged salad invention?  Made for people like us.

You don't have a lot of patience.  ME TOO.  I try so hard to help you to be more patient because I know what it's like to have that frustration.  But in some ways?  Maybe it's a good thing.  People like us want it all and we want it now.  Watch out if you are in our way.

You have a temper.  ME TOO.  We are quick to react, make no apologies for how we feel, and have even been known to throw a hairbrush or two in the heat of the moment. 

We also realize when we are wrong.  

The other night we were driving home from a full day's worth of activities.  You were tired.  You got angry.  You said some pretty hurtful things to me that made me blink away tears.  The next morning, I was sitting in bed with my coffee and you crawled in next to me.  You watched a little tv with me and then turned to me and said "Mommy, I'm really sorry for the things I said last night.  I didn't mean it.  I'm sorry."

I wasn't expecting that and suddenly I was blinking away tears again.  I pulled you close to me and you wrapped your arms around my neck.  I told you I understood.  That I get angry too and say things I don't mean sometimes.  But your unprompted apology, kiddo?  Meant so much to me.


And great job on the timing of that apology.  Because you puked all over me the next night.


  1. Same with my daughter, love this. I think these wonderful traits will serve them well later in life. I hope.


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