Sunday, November 11, 2012

My two girl crushes?  Sofia Vergara and Brooke Burke.  

Sidebar:  I'm not going to say Brooke Burke-Charvet, her actual  name.  
Too time-consuming.  
Although, let's be honest...that's one awesome married last name. Charvet.  Char-veigh.  
It almost sounds like wine.  I'll have a glass of the Char-veigh please.  


So my girl crush Brooke is like my twin.  First of all, we look EXACTLY alike.

Like looking a mirror. 


Plus I always pose like that with hanging curtain hammock things by the pool too.  

Secondly, she has Hashimoto's Disease like I do.  No big deal.  
Your thyroid is essentially dead.  You take a pill every morning for the rest of your life.  Easy. Done. 
Let's go pose with some more hammocks by the pool.  

But then your girl crush announces she has recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

GASP!  Stop.  No!!!!!!!!!!!

That news hit me hard.  If I'm honest, it actually kind of scared me.  
Not that I think I'm going to get thyroid cancer too, but still. I guess it was kind of a reality check for me.  
I'm ashamed to admit I always believed that yes, I may have this crazy Hashimoto's disease but who cares because as long as I take my pill every day, I'll be fine. 

But then my girl Brooke was under that exact impression.  

Ugh. Life lessons.

Pour me another glass of Char-veigh quickly please.

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