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Monday, January 7, 2013

So it's 2013 and I realize I am the yellow Walkman of the blogosphere.

I was kind of cool and with it and happening years ago, before my two year hiatus.  
Now I am just sitting in a pile marked 50 cents at a garage sale on Saturday morning.

Yes, I just said I was "happening".  You know what else is happening?  My mix tape.

My internal monologue on most days: 

"What's Google+?"
"FB page  and FB fan page.  SERIOUSLY ARE WE DOING THIS?"
"Someone just subscribed to my Facebook posts. I offer subscriptions?"
"There is an app for THEIR BLOG?"

So look, the truth is I have no idea what I'm doing anymore around here technically speaking but I'm pretty smart and am going to figure this all out soon enough.  I'm going to be all shiny and new and sparkly and will post it all to Instagram and you all better press LIKE.  I'll text you all soon and let you know when it all goes down.  



  1. I feel the same way only minus the long hiatus. I have no clue what's happening. Dude, you have a facebook page. That's a step in the correct direction, I think.

  2. Could you page me instead? :)

  3. I'll be anxiously waiting with my beeper clipped to my belt....LOL

  4. Even without out all the bells and whistles I'm glad you are back blogging.....certainly were missed!

  5. Totally get this. I've started and deleted Google+ about 15 times. I have a FB page for my blog but I'm not sure why. I'm still on Blogger. I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Let's start a support group. I'll bring the wine.

    PS: I had that Nokia phone in red and thought I was bad ass.

  6. Good content and great stories and the ability to make people laugh and feel connected? That doesn't need anything fancy, you know. Blogger is JUST fine (Blogger chick over here, too!) and you don't need a major re-vamp unless you want something new. Just buy some new shoes, instead! ;)

  7. LOL...I never left and still am so confused about it all LOL. I still think it should be about great "story telling" :-) Oh and what the heck is wrong with blogger?! I haven't had any problems.

  8. i had that phone.

    i puffy hearted it.

  9. HAHA I had that phone, too. I can hardly remember the days without an iPhone, but pictures like that "take me back."


  10. I'm not gonna lie. I miss that phone. INTERCHANGEABLE CASES?! WHAT WHAT?!

    also- it always worked. my current phone does not. and it didn't cost me a bajillion dollars a month. i might actually switch back to a nokia phone. they always did me right.

    and i feel the same way about google+, etc, etc, etc.


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