5 and 8.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I remember when I was a walking zombie.

I was young but I felt so old.  
So tired. 
So covered in spit up and drool.

I remember having to chase after one child with the other one on my hip.
Most days I ran on only 3 hours of sleep.

And the phases.  Oh the phases.
The biting phase.
The dicing grapes stage.
The praying the Exersaucer would keep the baby entertained for more than 10 minutes so I could cook dinner with two hands.

Do they even still make exersaucers?

I remember distinctly telling myself that "If you can just make it to 5 and 8 years old, you will be golden."

You know what?  


My boys are incredible right now.  I love love love 5 {almost six!} and 8.


  1. AMEN!! I couldn't agree more with you on these ages! My kids are 4 (almost 5) and 8, and are becoming such good friends! I love it!

  2. Also, I am so happy you are blogging again!!

  3. I call it the window of happiness. Old enough to be somewhat self sufficient but they don't hate your guts yet. Mine are 12 and 15. Love it!

  4. There's hope for my 3 & 6 yr old grandsons! Welcome back!

  5. So there IS hope for my boys (almost 6 and 3.5) thanks god, because I thought I was going to have to sell them or something...LOL :) BTW Matthew looks SO much like you!!!

  6. Yes! THIS! Mine are 9 & 7. 19 months apart......I had a newborn and toddler and looked & felt lie Cruella De Ville! Now, a year after the death of my husband, I am dating seriously and we are discussing marriage & babies. Am I high on crack? Is it just a gene that gets turned on (no pun intended) in that first phase of new love? Or am I just cray cray?

  7. I think about this often. My boys are just 2 and almost 6 - and I am already counting the days until they are older! We are still going back and forth whether or not to have another child - but every time they play well together and we can do more and more things, I'm so inclined to be like "maaayyybeeee not." So hard to close the door, though!

  8. I am so in the stages you write about~ So I only have 4 more years! Ah!
    Your boys are so cute!!! I love their smiles!

  9. Hahaha! My kiddos are 5(girl) and 2.5(boy)and there are days I don't think one of them is going to make it. We thought about a third, but I can't imagine going back to newborn craziness!

  10. My boys are 6 and almost 9, and I totally get it! :)


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