Who writes blog posts at 3am?

Thursday, April 4, 2013



Well, sometime around 2am, Matthew woke up screaming "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" at the top of his lungs.

I bolted up in bed as if someone had sounded the fire alarm. I fly into his room and he is sitting up in bed, telling me he heard a car horn.
He’s also half-asleep.

So I tuck him back in, go back to my bed, and am now lying here WIDE AWAKE.
And listening for car horns.

2am turns into 3am.

And hello,what is with ALL THE RANDOM THINGS that run through your head at 3am???

“I wonder if he really did hear a car horn?  Well at least he wasn’t waking me up to tell me he was sick. Strrrrrrretchhhh. I should really take a yoga class one day. Bethenny Frankel has those weird yoga toes though.  I don’t want those.  Did I return the field trip form back to Carter’s teacher?   What should I make for dinner tonight? Maybe I should just get up and make the kids’ lunches now and get that over with. How many more days this week do I have to make lunch? What day is it even today?  I still can't believe Heidi Klum rescued her son and two nannies from an undertow. Those pictures are insanely incredible.  Am I hungry?  I think I want a bowl of Lucky Charms.  I'm pretty sure I did return that form to the teacher.  WAS THAT A CAR HORN?” 

Now it’s 4am. 
And I’m here writing a post I had no intention of writing when I went to bed last night. 

Once you have kids, you never sleep blissfully unaware ever again, do you?

p.s. The bowl of Lucky Charms was SO GOOD.  Cereal tastes even better at 3:40am.


  1. More importantly, Heidi Klum has TWO nannies!

  2. More importantly, Heidi Klum has TWO nannies!

  3. More importantly, Heidi Klum has TWO nannies!

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  5. Oh yes! Lucky Charms are fabulous any time of day!


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