I love Kansas, and people named Jess, and every single one of my blog readers.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm standing here in the kitchen, making eggs and toast, and listening to Special Agent Oso. I've got zero makeup on and look like scary Oprah.

My hair is being held back by sunglasses because I couldn't find a hairband, but the sunglasses were sitting here on my countertop, so why not?

My laundry pile is sky high again because I didn't touch it all weekend, and apparently, no one else in this house wanted to touch it either. Fantastic.

I kept Matthew home from school because he was coughing so bad this morning, but now he's totally made a fool out of me because he is running around like a madman....not coughing at all.

And Jaws Carter is sitting in timeout because he bit Matthew.

My coffee is cold, but I'm still drinking it.
It's only 9:02am but it's already been one of those mornings.

And then this pops up in my Google Alerts....

An article on Kansas.com entitled Five reasons why moms love mommy bloggers.

"Another mom on The Bump, Just Jess, admits she loves following the blogger behind The McMommy Chronicles for similar reasons. "She's a great writer - funny and real. I feel like if we lived near each other, we'd be great friends."

OMG. Seriously, that article should be titled "Why mommy bloggers love moms." because, Just Jess, I have no idea who you are but you just made my whole day SO MUCH BETTER! The best thing about blogging for me is knowing I'm not alone in this crazy ride of motherhood.

So thank you to Just Jess....and EVERY SINGLE ONE of you who are loyal readers of the McMommy Chronicles. Whether you know it or not, you give me a much needed outlet everyday to tell my stories about life. (Did I mention much needed?)

And we would be great friends in real life, wouldn't we?

I'd even put on makeup for you.

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