I just vomited.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm posting this because if I had to have these images seared into my mind, so must you:

From TMZ.com:

I'm not sure what I'm most horrified about:

a.) Kim Kardashian's imminent loss of circulation

b.) Julianne Moore's Great Toe Escape of 2013

c.) That I actually had this convo with myself in my head:  "If I ABSOLUTELY HAD to choose to have one of those feet as my own, which one would I choose?"


  1. They both need to check their shoe size. Their shoes are too small for them!!

  2. I would go with Julianne's because it's much easier to buy bigger shoes!

  3. In the words of the Countess..."Money can't buy you class"!

  4. Sad, really sad. Can't money bug a pair of shoe, a size bigger?

  5. Ok so I just saw the Kim Kardashian pic from another angle & i've decided that i'd much rather have Julianne's great toe escape of 2013 because Kim's is just ABUSE! Why oh why would you were lucite shoes when you're like 7-8 months pregnant?!?! It looks like Ms Piggy in heels!!! Lololol seriously that's just WRONG


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